ArtinSoft Forges Strategic Alliance with Sister System Integrators DISC and Andes2000 in South America's Southern Cone

artinsoftSantiago, Chile –June 28, 2006– As part of its initiative to expand its business offering and position differentiated migration solutions and products worldwide, ArtinSoft, with support form Microsoft Chile, has signed a partnership agreement with Andes 2000 and DISC Software Engineering, leading Systems Integrators in Chile.

The partnership's main objective is to eradicate software obsolescence by facilitating companies and institutions in the South American region a simple and efficient evolution towards the latest state-of-the-art technologies and platforms, such as Microsoft's .NET.

Pablo Hernández, Executive Director of DISC, explains that for the most part, there are fewer risks involved when migrating legacy systems using the specialized tools offered by ArtinSoft than when compared to a traditional software development project. "If you have access to automatic transformation mechanisms… we stand before a software migration project that has considerably less risk and offers a chance to move systems to open platforms," sated Hernández. 


Marco Astúa, Senior Project Manager at ArtinSoft, explains that many companies in the Southern Cone and around the world are experimenting a sort of negative comfort. "We are talking about organizations whose current systems are functioning fine. The problem is that the platform being used might be becoming obsolete… all of this translates into service delays and a diminished capacity to respond to specific requirements. Through this alliance, we hope to put an end to software obsolescence in the region."


Francisco Becker, Executive Director of Andes2000, points out that this partnership "will allow companies in Chile and Argentina to access the vast amount of successful experience ArtinSoft has automatically migrating mission-critical systems," enabling organizations to proactively take part in application migration projects which offer security and profitability and stimulate corporate innovation.


For Hernández, there are two important aspects that have propelled DISC to forge a partnership with ArtinSoft: first, the amount of time that a company can save by using ArtinSoft's solutions, and second, the ease with which maintenance can be provided to the newly migrated systems. "The objective is to produce an operating system which is analogous to the original and easily maintainable by the same people that worked with the old platform," emphasized the professional.


About DISC Software Engineering


DISC s a company that specializes in information technology consultancy and project application, both within and outside of Chile. It is an organization which has focused on systems integration, providing backup tools for the business, administrative and technical management of private companies and Chilean public service institutions. For more information please visit:


About Andes2000 S.A.


Andes2000 is a leading Chilean software development company that focuses on diverse areas, such as health and software migration. They are experts in the analysis, design, development, integration, and commercialization of information technology aimed at solving administrative and organizational issues in companies and institutions in and around Chile. For more information go to