BUSINESS NEWS AMERICAS 17 de Julio de 2002

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 13:17 (GMT-0300)Chilean healthcare solutions provider Andes2000 ( expects to reach breakeven by mid 2003, executive director Francisco Becker told BNamericas.


The company generates enough income from its Chilean and Argentine operations to pay operating costs, such as webhosting fees, and wages, Becker added, without giving specific figures. Andes2000 sells software that hospitals and clinics can use to coordinate patient consultations and administrate their various departments, while automatically giving the institution a presence on Andes2000's healthcare portal ( The portal provides an interface that patients can use to review medical fees and set up appointments.Rather than concentrating solely on Chile, Andes2000 decided to make the portal regional because it depends on software sales. The site is ready to incorporate institutions from any South American country once partners sign up. To date, Andes2000 has partnerships with two hospitals in Santiago, Chile and one in Argentina, but Becker expects to sign up partners covering all of Chile, as well as 14 Argentine medical centers within the next six months. The company will evaluate conditions for further expansion in Argentina early next year, assuming the economic situation is more stable by then, he said. Meanwhile, Andes2000 is in talks with one healthcare institution in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay, Becker said.
By Phil Anderson